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SMART, GLOBE and SUN Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater 17,500 only! Bookmark | Report this Ad | Email to Friends |
Price: Php 17,500
Ad ID: 172275
Condition: Brand New
IP Location:
UnitedStates (WARNING!) (view map)
Item Location: Caloocan
Delivery Method: Meet in Person,Door to Door Delivery
Payment: Cash,Bank Deposit
Total Views: 32126
Updated on: Apr 28, '10
Posted on: Feb 26, '10
Avoid being Scammed! Deal with members you can meet in person.


Help Eliminate Dropped Calls with a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Everyone who uses a cell phone or data card knows how aggravating it is to drop a call or not be able to connect. Fortunately, has the solution - a cell phone signal booster! Our industry-leading cellular amplifiers and antennas enable you to connect and maintain calls by improving your cellular signal at home, at work or on the go. Cell phone signal boosters from keeps you connected!

The majority of our cell phone signal boosters are dual-band products support both 800MHz Cellular and 1900MHz PCS. They support all cellular and PCS 2G and 3G communication standards included AMPS, TDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, CDMA, 1xRTT, EVDO, EVDO Rev A, EVDO Rev 0, etc.

Dropped Calls and Slow Data Rates are Generally Due to Two Reasons:

  • Location of the Nearest Cell Tower: Cellular reception in many areas is negatively affected by terrain features such as hills and valleys, but distance plays the biggest role in limiting cellular communications, especially in rural areas. The farther you are from a cell tower, the weaker your signal will be.
  • Natural and Man-made Obstructions: Hills, trees and buildings all interfere with the quality of the cellular signal between your cell phone or cellular data card and the cell tower. You may be relatively close to a cell tower but unable to connect because of obstructions. Stucco and concrete walls used in homes, offices and other buildings block cellular signals, making it difficult to make or maintain a call or cellular data connection.

The Solution: Amplify Your Signal with Cell Phone Signal Boosters

cellular signal improvement products eliminate the frustration of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates by amplifying incoming and outgoing cellular signals in both mobile and in-building situations. amplifiers (boosters) and antennas are expertly engineered to detect and amplify weak incoming signals your cell phone would miss, and simultaneously broadcast a much stronger signal back to the cell site.


Contact Us Now!!


Tel. No.332-7164

Mobile No. 09212666606 – Smart

Email: ****

Contact Person: Arnel

KEYWORDS: Signal Booster Repeater Cellphone Amplifier mobile phone Sun Smart Globe
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