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Concentrated Mineral Drops CMD Bookmark | Report this Ad | Email to Friends |
Price: Php 850
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Item Location: Quezon City
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Updated on: Mar 10, '10
Posted on: Mar 10, '10
Avoid being Scammed! Deal with members you can meet in person.

30 ML - P520

60ML - P850

120ML - P1750

We offer P1.00 per drop available here at ShopnStuff

Join as Distributor and enjoy additional discounts

Registation is only Php1,350

inclusive of your Business Kit and

1 bottle of CMD 60 ml (1,000 drops).


CMD is the most powerful, health-giving mineral and trace mineral food

supplement formulated by nature for greater bio-electric health and body

mineral balancing. In today's modern, fast-paced society, supplying our

bodies with the minerals they require is difficult. Many of the food we

eat are grown in mineral deficient soil. Added to this, modern food

processing techniques further strip important minerals like magnesium,

potassium and boron - minerals that play key roles in our health.

The truth is we may be eating a perfectly balanced diet and still be

deficient in minerals and trace minerals. Supplementing your diet

with CMD can replenish your body with the important nutrients that

it may be lacking.

A marriage of nature and science, CMD is a liquid mineral supplement

concentrated and balanced for greater energy, vitality and well-being.

Harvested from the pristine waters of the north shore of Utah's

Great Salt Lake, CMD contains a natural balance of 72 verified minerals

and trace minerals. To produce CMD, it takes, on the average, two years

for the minerals and trace elements to reach the right balance.

During this process, *MRI routinely makes the tests to ensure optimal

concentration and balance. Only when these factors are in perfect unison

and meet the MRI standards will MRI harvest the minerals. Best of all,

the minerals and trace minerals in CMD are contained in ionic form, one

of the most widely utilized forms of minerals in the body.

*Mineral Resources International (MRI).

Twenty drops once or twice daily provide the body with the important

minerals it needs to support general health and well being.


These articles piqued Hartley's interest with the information about the

amazing results people were receiving from drinking a little bit of sea

water each day. This led him to research the Great Salt Lake, an inland

sea located near his home. He discovered that not only did the Great

Salt Lake contain the same minerals and balance discussed by George

Crane, but that it was 6 to 10 times more concentrated than regular sea

water. Hartley knew there was a need for these minerals and thus, the

idea for a company was born. Yet it was not until Hartley had tried the

minerals himself and had witnessed powerful results from his friends

and family that the company was established with initial product sales.

The minerals from this desert sea caused such dramatic and varied results

in people and Hartley knew from his growing stack of testimonials that

the company's first product, Inland Sea Water, was effective. In 1968,

he and his wife, Gaye, founded the company and began selling pure

Great Salt lake water to the public. A short time later, he discovered

how to use nature's own processes to remove the sodium, thereby

creating low sodium, Concentrate Mineral Drops.

Before long, the Andersons combined Concentrate Mineral Drops with

vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and other nutrients, to create a comprehensive

line of nutritional dietary supplements. Scientific research continues

to uncover the intricate role minerals and trace minerals play in human

health. These macro and micro elements can be found in rich abundance,

a natural balance and a highly assimilable principle ionic form from the

Great Salt Lake as manufactured by Mineral Resources International (MRI).


The origin of the Great Salt Lake can be traced back to ancient Lake Bonneville

which covered most of Western Utah and small parts of Idaho and Nevada (USA)

during the Ice Age (between 23,000 and 12,000 years old). In the warmer,

dry period after the ice age, Lake Bonneville receded and the Great

Salt Lake is the remnant of that ancient lake.

The total amount of salt dissolved in the Great Salt Lake is about 4.5 to 4.9

billion tons. As the lake rises, its salinity drops because the same amount

of salt is dissolved in more water. The lower the lake level, the saltier it

becomes. In the past, the lake's salinity has ranged from a little less than

5 percent (which is just above sea water) to nearly 28 percent

(beyond which water cannot hold more salt). As water flows over or moves

beneath the Earth's surface, it dissolves minerals from the soils and rocks.

The streams that originate in the Wasatch Range and other nearby

mountains all flow into the Great Salt Lake, bringing in water with varying

percentages of dissolved minerals. Since the lake has no outlet, all of these

minerals remain in the lake.


1. IONIC- CMD is made up of naturally ionized minerals which are very

important to our bodies in two ways:

a. First we cannot benefit from minerals unless we can absorb them. Minerals

transfer into the blood stream through the wall of the small intestines only if

they are ionically charged. CMD contains naturally ionized minerals which can

be fully absorbed.

b. Second, ions take part in biochemical processes throughout the body.

These processes help nutrients move to those areas of the body that are

in most need of their help.

2. PURE - CMD is extracted from the northern part of the Great Salt Lake,

Utah, USA. The water in this part of the lake is twice as concentrated as

that in the southern arm. The northern is also surrounded by deserts, away

from human habitation and their polluting activities.

3. NATURAL- CMD is not a laboratory product. It is lake water with 99.5%

sodium removed. It is 100% natural. No artificial coloring, preservative

or flavoring is added.

4. CONCENTRATED - CMD is 55 times more concentrated than seawater.

It is more concentrated than any other mineral supplement in the market.

5. COMPLETE - CMD comprises of macro minerals (magnesium, calcium,

potassium, chloride, and sulfur) and over 40 micro minerals like chromium,

iodine, manganese, selenium and zinc, making it a most complete mineral


6. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - It has multi-functional properties.

For example, it can improve our health among others by:

a. Giving a boost to the body's immune system.

b. Facilitating the transmission of micro-electrical impulses in our

nervous system.

c. Acting as catalyst in the formation of new blood cells.

d. Increasing the body's metabolism.

e. Strengthening the structure of our bodies by giving us stronger teeth,

bones, nails, etc.

7. BALANCED - CMD is not only complete but also balanced. If the minerals

in our body are balanced, they work together to create a dynamic equilibrium.

Some supplements, which focus on one or a few minerals, can lower the levels

of other minerals in the body and can cause over consumption and toxicity.

8. CONVENIENT - It is easy to consume. Just add to your drinks or food.

Give 20-30 drops per day for adults and one (1) drop per two (2) kilograms

weights for children.

9. PROVEN - Millions of testimonies from America and Asia prove that CMD is

vital for our health.

10. ECONOMICAL - CMD is affordable to people to all levels of the market.


Sickness begins either as a reaction to an invasion of bacteria, virus, or toxins;

or as an imbalance due to either a lack of important nutrients, vitamins, or

minerals; or an excess of harmful foreign substances like alcohol, or harmless

nutrients like sugar. Undue strains in our body like unhealthy food, poor

habits, harsh environment and mental stress create a need for detoxification.

CMD has the capacity to remove uric acid, lactic acid, excess cholesterol,

fat deposit, dead tissue and chemical accumulated toxins in the body.

Toxins are discharged through the circulation system - (kidney and liver)

by urination and stool; through perspiration, boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus.

Minerals are necessary in many chemical processes in the body. Potassium

deficiency results in muscle paralysis and immune weakness. Calcium

deficiency leads to osteoporosis and weak teeth. Iron deficiency leads to goiter

and anemia. Magnesium is the protection of the kidney and is badly needed

by the heart. Deficiency in minerals causes devastating consequences to

people. CMD provides you with the much-needed mineral balance to maintain

the body's functions at its optimum level.


what more could you ask for!


CMD-Concentrate Mineral Drops is easy to consume. Just add a few drops

to your hot or cold drinks or food. 20-30 drops per day for adults;

1 drop per 2 kg. weight for children. It can also be applied externally.

Place a drop or two on affected areas. You may also dilute 40 drops

of CMD in 50 ml. water and spray it over your face or body parts

to give you a refreshing feeling. You may also use CMD in cooking

to enhance the flavor and nutrition of your food. Use of CMD is not

limited only to human beings. It is also good for plants and animals.

Normal Reaction:

1. A slight change in the amount of perspiration.

2. Slight change in the color and clearness of your urine.

3. Change in the color and smell of your stool or constipation.

4. Tingling sensation.

5. Other bearable changes or sensation that notifies

The above are some of the noted normal reactions to CMD. Do not be alarmed

as these are the signs that CMD is detoxifying your body of internal toxins.

Continuous use of CMD will strengthen the immune system to be more

resistant to disease.

"Give the body the nutrition it needs and allow the body to heal itself."

This is the guiding philosophy behind the CMD. We don't heal the body.

Instead, we use nature's goodness to help the body to heal itself.



1 to 3 yrs. old - 2 Drops/day

4 to 6 yrs. old - 3 Drops/day

7 to 10 yrs. old - 5 Drops/day

11 to 15 yrs. old - 8 Drops/day

16 to 20 yrs. old - 15 Drops/day

21 above - 30 Drops/day

*40 Drops per day recommended for person below average health.

**3 to 4 Drops per 250ml to re-mineralize distilled water.

it is always recommended that when taking CMD it is better to start

taking it low and slow to let the body adapt in the introduction

of (CMD) mineral food supplement.

CMD spells HEALTH...BEAUTY...STRENGTH...LONGEVITY...what more could you ask for!

Almost all illness are being cured by this supplements though this is not a medicine, it makes our immune system stronger. There are some testimonials that even cancer is being cured by CMD.


CALCIUM - Bone and teeth formation, Blood clotting, Muscle contraction and nerve transmission.
Deficiency: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Gallstone, Asthma, High Cholesterol

CHLORIDE - Maintain water balance and acide based balance, stomach acid component
Deficiency: Hair and tooth loss, chronic diarhhea and vomiting, trauma, renal disease

MAGNESIUM - Bone and teeth formation, metabolism, enzyme activation, proper heartbeat, muscle relaxation, nerve conduction

Deficiency: Muscle weakness, menstrual cramps, migraine, highblood pressure, insominia, epilepsy, coronary artery disease

PHOSPOROUS - Bone and teeth formation, acid base balance works with calcium
Deficiency: Muscle cramps, STROKE, Appetite Loss, Cardiovascular Disease, FATIGUE

SODIUM - Acid-base balance, Proper heartbeat, muscle contraction, regulate cell and blood fluid
Deficiency: Dehaydration, weakness, headache, loss of appetite, poor memory

SULFUR - Acid Base balance maintenance, liver function
Deficiency: Urinary Tract Infection, SKin Disorder



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