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Shure DFR11EQ5 Half Rack Digital Equalizer/feedback reducer/delay/limiter - all in one Bookmark | Report this Ad | Email to Friends |
Price: Php 25,000
Ad ID: 183686
Condition: Used-Excellent Condition
IP Location:
Cainta, Philippines (view map)
Item Location: Rizal
Delivery Method: Meet in Person,Door to Door Delivery,Pick-up item
Payment: Cash,Bank Deposit
Total Views: 3396
Updated on: Aug 13, '11
Posted on: Aug 05, '10
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Shure DFR11EQ5 Half Rack Digital Equalizer/feedback reducer/delay/limiter - all in one

DFR11EQ Digital Equalizer Shure's DFR11EQ is a computer-controlled digital equalizer with a multitude of audio processing capabilities offered in a compact, half-rack unit. The innovative DFR software interface runs on Windows® and makes even the most complex processing functions easy to use.


A full–featured signal processor designed for sound reinforcement
applications, including theaters, conference
rooms, meeting halls and houses of worship. The DFR11EQ
offers a straightforward computer control interface that
makes sense without a software manual or training course.
The system also features tamper–proof front panel lockouts
and the exclusive ShureLink network, which controls up to 16
units from one computer connection.
The DFR11EQ is a true problem-solver with features including
10 automatic, adaptive, feedback filters, equalizer
limiter and delay for challenging acoustical situations.


* Crystal* 20-bit A/D and D/A converters (Analog-to-Digital,
Digital-to-Analog) allows 104 dB of dynamic range.
* 48 kHz sampling rate provides flat response to 20 kHz.
* Onboard Scenes can be selected via front panel buttons.
* 1/2 rack space chassis allows rack mounting of one or two
units in a single rack space with no sagging or bending.
* Shure Link Interface allows multiple Shure Link devices
to be controlled with a single computer.
* There are no internal batteries. Settings and DSP program
are stored in internal EEPROM.
* Electronically balanced input features combination 1/4-in.
and XLR connector and can be used with balanced or
unbalanced outputs
* Independently driven, cross-coupled, balanced 1/4-in.
and XLR outputs can be used with balanced or unbalanced
inputs, without signal loss.
* Input and output levels are +4 dBu/–10 dBV DIP-switchselectable.
* 88 MHz Motorola* DSP56009 processor engine features
full 24-bit internal processing.
* RS-232 interface allows external computer control and
firmware updates.
* Internal linear power supply is switchable between 120
and 230 Vac, eliminating the need for a cumbersome external
power supply.
* Solid state bypass eliminates unreliable mechanical relays


* Adaptive Notch Filter algorithm (patent pending) automatically
detects feedback and deploys up to 10 narrow
band notch filters.
* A tamper-proof equalizer can be switched between
30-band graphic or 10-band parametric equalizer.
* The graphic equalizer is a constant-Q, 30-band, 1/3-octave
graphic equalizer. It can boost up to 6 dB or cut 12 dB for
each band.
* The parametric equalizer offers 10 filters with adjustable frequency, up to 6 dB of boost or 18 dB of cut, and up to
a two octave bandwidth.
* Up to 1.3 seconds of Digital Delay.
* Front and back panels both feature lockout control.
* The Response Curve Viewer displays frequency response
of the feedback reducer, equalizer, or both.
* 10 scenes can be stored on board. Multiple scenes can
be stored to floppy or hard disk.
* The Limiter provides added protection to external speakers and amplifiers.


Frequency Response
20 to 20k Hz ± 1.0 dB re 1 kHz
Dynamic Range
104 dB minimum, A-weighted, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Sampling Rate
48 kHz
Digital-to-Analog, Analog-to-Digital Conversion
20 bit resolution
Voltage Gain
–1 dB ± 1dB (power off)
0 dB ± 2 dB (equal input and output sensitivities)
12 dB ± 2 dB (input –10 dBV, output +4 dBu)
–12 dB ± 2 dB (input +4 dBu, output –10 dBv)
Input: 47 kΩ ± 20% actual
Output: 120 Ω ± 20% actual
Input Clipping Level
+18 dBu minimum (at +4 dBu setting)
+4 dBV minimum (at –10 dBV setting)
Output Clipping Level
+18 dBu minimum (at +4 dBu setting)
+4 dBV minimum (at –10 dBV setting)
Total Harmonic Distortion
< 0.05% at 1 kHz, +4 dBu, 20 to 20 kHz
LED Signal Indicators
Clip: 6 dB down from input clipping
Propagation Delay from Input to Ouput
1.0 ms, all filters set to Flat (0 ms delay setting)
Input to output: non-inverting
XLR: pin 2 positive with respect to pin 3
1/4-in. TRS: tip positive with respect to ring
Operating Voltage
DFR11EQ: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 75 mA max
DFR11EQJ: 100 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 75 mA max
DFR11EQE: 230 - 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 38 mA max
Temperature Range
Operating: –7 to 49 C (20 to 140 F)
DFR11EQ:120 Vac. Fuse: 100 mA, 250V time delay
DFR11EQJ: 100 Vac. Fuse: 100 mA, 250V time delay
DFR11EQE: 230 Vac. Fuse: 50 mA, 250 V time delay
In order to change a blown fuse, remove the power cord
and pry open the drawer with a flathead screwdriver.
219 mm x 137 mm x 44.5 mm
8 5/8 in x 5 3/8 in x 1 3/4 in
930 g (2.05 lbs)
Ten (10) 1/10-octave adaptive notch filters from 60 Hz
to 20 kHz
Deployed to 1 Hz resolution of feedback frequency
Deployed in depths of 3 dB, 6 dB, 9 dB, 12 dB, and 18
dB (12.5 Low Q in graphic EQ mode) attenuation
Filter shape variable between HI Q and LOW Q (see
High Q vs. Low Q Filters).
Frequency Bands
30 bands on ISO, 1/3-octave centers
Filter Type
1/3-octave, constant Q
Maximum Boost
6 dB per band
Maximum Cut
12dB per band, high- and low-pass filters, 12dB/octave
Frequency Bands
10 bands, variable frequency, variable Q
Boost/Cut Range
+6 dB to –18 dB per band
Q Range
1/40-octave to 2 octave
Shelf/Rolloff Filters
Shelf, +6 to –18 dB per filter
Rolloff, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, or 24dB per octave nominal
Up to 1.3 seconds
Threshold: –60 dBFs to –0.5 dBFs, 0.5 dB resolution
Attack: 1 ms to 200 ms
Decay: 50 ms to 1000 ms
Ratio: ∞ to 1

Shure original

made in USA

P25k/unit (negotiable )

2units available

call/txt: 0922-5566028

KEYWORDS: shure,shure digital equalizer,feedback reducer,feedback destroyer,feedback eliminator,limiter,delay
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