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John Roy

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Price: Php 190
Ad ID: 211842
Condition: Not Applicable
IP Location:
Bagumbayan, Philippines (view map)
Item Location: Quezon City
Delivery Method: Meet in Person,Pick-up item
Payment: Cash
Total Views: 4218
Updated on: Mar 20, '14
Posted on: Jun 28, '11
Triple Pi Water
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Avoid being Scammed! Deal with members you can meet in person.

Dr. Pi’s Triple Pi Oxygenated Water

Triple Pi-water is a low alkaline bio-energy water with macro, micro and trace minerals that are essential to our body needs. Utilizing bio-nanotechnology Triple Pi-water’s small molecular clusters easily penetrates our body's cell membranes carrying with it the very essential vitamins, minerals and most importantly oxygen. Oxygen is the single most important element necessary for cell regeneration, growth and development. Once inside the cell, Triple Pi water binds itself with the toxins, free radicals, acids and body wastes stored inside our cells and flushes it out of our bodies. These are the very toxins and acids in our body the causes disease and illness.

Ultra-Pi Global, Inc. is the registered company in Korea and also in the Philippines founded by DR. HELEN K. LIM since 2002 and has been the exclusive and sole patent owner of the upgraded technologies called Super-Pi, Ultra-Pi, Nano-Pi, and Oxygenated Pi Water technologies. The latest – Triple Pi Oxygenated Water.


P250.00 Retail Price Per Gallon

Triple Pi Oxygenated Water

*P190.00 Per Gallon

*For Pick-Up Only

Contact: John or Shane

+63933-378-0386 or +63916-435-1707

Email: ****

  • Helps in treatment of cancer before & during chemotherapy

  • Best partner for chemotherapy and other drug medications

  • Beneficial to Leukemia patients

  • Dengue

  • Advantageous to those with dermatitis

  • Diabetics

  • Helps Resists HIV Virus

  • Improves liver function and prostate problems

  • Lowers blood pressure and improves heart diseases

  • Accelerates recovery from strokes

  • Relief from headaches, migraine, stiff joints

  • Reduces kidney stones and cures constipation

  • Best fluid for sore eyes and cataract

  • Helps cure malignant tumor

  • Helps reduce symptoms of asthma and allergy

  • Decreases pathogen growth and prevents proliferation of bacteria

  • Best natural anti-oxidant

  • Best natural anti-aging

  • Best natural energy action

  • Best anti-histamine

  • Best in UTI

  • Strengthens the natural immune system

  • Ideal for brain development for infants, children and adults

  • Effective natural cleansing agent (detoxification/chelation effect

  • Excellent for preparing milk for infants w/o the need of boiling

  • Enhances flavor for food

  • Natural preservative

  • Natural energy drink

and much more...

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By: johnroy7 Mar 20, 2014 | reply
Excellent Triple Pi Water Oxygenated
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