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Price: Php 475
Ad ID: 213220
Condition: Not Applicable
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Makati, Philippines (view map)
Item Location: Makati
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Updated on: Jul 10, '11
Posted on: Jul 10, '11
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Oramedy Alis Singaw

Instant canker sore relief

Oramedy Alis-Singaw: get instant relief from Singaw pain – No.1 ORAMEDY ALIS SINGAW IN KOREA

Why Oramedy Alis-Singaw?

1.Oramedy provides INSTANT singaw pain relief.

2.Oramedy is very easy to apply, without any pain or discomfort.

3.Oramedy is so safe it can be administered to toddlers as young as 8 months old.

4.Oramedy is so effective, Singaw is gone within 24 to 72 hours.

5.For a limited time offer ORAMEDY SLASHES PRICE DOWN TO PHP198.00!!!

Experience INSTANT SINGAW PAIN RELIEF FROM Oramedy Alis-Singaw and understand why we are so much better than other singaw preparations out there.

It is a fact that canker sores or singaw affects more women and children than men. The reason for this occurrence is not exactly known. Singaw may come as a temporary inconvenience for some and in worse cases may be disruptive to our daily lives.

The common canker sores are characterized by ulcerations in the mouth with varying sizes and degrees of pain. The ulceration may be caused by direct physical trauma or injury to the gums or may be viral in nature.

The pain that accompanies the canker sore can range from being a minor discomfort to being an almost disabling ache. Most homemade remedies often worsen the pain or even aggravate the extent of the injury. Current over the counter drugs leaves much to be desired when it comes to dealing with the pain and discomfort that accompanies the ulceration.

The physical manifestation of pain is often swelling of the afflicted area. This is why most pain relievers are directed towards reducing the swelling, like antipyretics and steroids like cortisone.These drugs are prescribed under the premise that once the swelling is reduced, so does the pain.

The first drug of this to be marketed in the Philippines specifically manufactured for canker sores is triamcinolone acetonide under the label Oramedy. This is marketed by Yumei Mise Mfg., a company known for innovations in food supplements primarily KB.

Triamcinolone acetonide is a steroid similar to prednisone but is much safer to use. Oramedy Gel is formulated for direct application to the canker sore. This formulation provides almost instant relief from pain because of triamcinolone acetonide’s immediate effect on the swelling.

Oramedy Alis-Singaw Gel is relatively safe to use as babies as young as 8 months old can already use the product. Oramedy is available at Mercury Drugstores, Watson’s and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Studies show that children and women are more prone to canker sore or singaw than men. The exact cause of canker sore or singaw is not exactly known but factors such as physical injury, stress, citrus fruits and immune system reactions are known to contribute to their development.

Singaw sores are characterized by painful mouth ulcerations. It appears as white or yellow oval with an inflamed red border.

The pain that accompanies canker sores or singaw varies in intensity according to the size of the ulceration. Minor sores cause minimal discomfort while larger ulcerations may cause severe pain and often lead to swelling of the lymph nodes to fever.

While singaw normally lasts only a few days, the discomfort that accompanies the ulceration may be so distressing that those who suffer from singaw are often irritable and can’t perform their normal functions.

Oramedy Alis Singaw is a new product that promises instant relief from pain that accompanies canker sores. Its generic name is triamcinolone acetonide and it is the only available formulation for canker sore application in the Philippines.

Triamcinolone acetonide is a steroid about 8 times more potent than prednisone but is much safer. It instantly acts on the swelling on the ulceration thereby greatly reducing the pain on the sore. With Oramedy, the healing process is cut short by 50 percent.

Oramedy is made in Korea by Dongkook Pharmaceuticals and distributed in the Philippines by Yumei Mise Manufacturing. Oramedy Alis Singaw is available at South star Drug and Watsons for only Php 475.00.

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